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Greetings! I'm Robynne and I am a self-taught visual artist currently based in the Washington DC area. I do photography and painting under the moniker, BLUEROBYNNE. I was born and spent some of my childhood in Jamaica, so I am shaped by Caribbean culture. Having also traveled to countries in Southeast Asia, I am drawn to the vibrant art, fabrics and architecture of that region. My formal education is in the areas of advertising, marketing, graphic design and business. Please browse my artist statement below and my work featured on this site to get a sense of my photography and painting style.



I work primarily with acrylics. The subject matter my work centers around are portraits and figurative paintings of the African diaspora, particularly black women. My art is heavily influenced by social issues that meet at the intersection of black identity and womanism. Hair is a very prominent aspect of my art and I often feature black women with big and bold afro-textured hairstyles. I use bold colors, bold strokes and gold metallics to create pieces that are deeply textured, dark and moody. I sometimes infuse written words directly into my pieces to further emphasize the core message behind the piece. 

I am currently working on a series of paintings I am calling "Woman While Black". As the name suggests, these pieces are my personal celebration of what being an unapologetic black woman means. It is my statement on womanhood that cannot be separated from blackness. Reds, blues and metallic gold are prominent in most of the pieces. The specific combination of these colors in a number of the pieces signify a subtle ode to Superwoman - because through my lens, I see black women as super women.  In all of the pieces, the women I feature are purposely not smiling - not because they are unhappy, but because they are unbothered.  It is my goal to continue to capture the divine feminine essence of the black woman in my work.  


In my photography, I love to play up the relationships I see between light and dark, monochrome and color, subject and mood. I love capturing the drama, emotion and beauty of life and love through various portraits of people in studio, natural and urban settings. Portrait sessions I do include model books, couples, maternity, and boudoir. 

My love of photography first emerged in 2001 during my career as a graphic designer. I worked directly with photographers for five years while art directing photo shoots for the various marketing projects and publications I worked on during that time. Digital photography was just beginning to surpass film as the industry standard at that time, and as a result I had the opportunity to observe and appreciate photographers working with both film and digital images. I started capturing my own images in 2006 when I purchased my first DSLR camera - and I haven't put the camera down since then! I continue to enjoy the journey of expressing my creativity through still images. If you're in the market for creative portraits, I'd love to work with you. 

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